Prostate and bowel problems can be closely related.

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Ageing tends to give rise to a desire in men to prevent prostate health issues. This should be a priority. When the link between prostate and bowel problems is considered, men often discover even stronger motivations to take proactive measures.

Prostate and bowel health are more closely related than men often think. Prostate cancer treatments like radiotherapy can give rise to bowel dysfunction as a side effect. This condition can have such symptoms as bowel incontinence, rectal bleeding and frequent elimination. Other forms of cancer treatment can lower the risks for dysfunction, but not eliminate them.

Men who wish to avoid the link between prostate and bowel problems will find there are measures they can take. Although guarantees for good health do not exist, preventative measures can improve the odds. Research has proven that a number of preventative steps can be very helpful.

Measures men might want to take to protect prostate and bowel health include:

  • Using natural supplements. A number of natural supplements have been shown effective for preventing prostate conditions including cancer. The ingredients to look for include lycopene , flaxseed and zinc .
  • Adjusting eating habits. Diets that are low in fat and high in nutrients and fibre can prevent prostate cancer and help maintain bowel health, as well.
  • Other measures to consider. Exercising, quitting smoking and making other lifestyle changes can improve overall health and reduce cancer risks.

Prostate and bowel problems can be closely related. Preventing them by taking proactive measures is sometimes possible.

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